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Who We Are

We have a strong focus on providing quality IT services and support for small and medium-sized businesses across New Zealand.

ACS began in 1996 as Advanced Computer Support, set up by a passionate and clever computer engineer who had been working in the telecommunications sector for most of his career. Over the following decades, the company has grown and developed into a respected IT support partner for hundreds of clients throughout the country.

Our cloud computing services, developed in Christchurch in 2009, suddenly came into even higher demand following Canterbury’s severe earthquakes in 2010-2011. Local businesses wanted to continue trading and required a safe environment for their IT needs. Not only could we provide support for our clients then, but we have continued to grow our capabilities and  IT services every day to stay ahead of demand. In 2014 we refreshed our brand to Adaptive Cloud Solutions, reflecting the increased focus towards cloud computing.

While we still implement and support on-premise IT services across New Zealand, more and more businesses are choosing the simplicity, security and cost benefits of the cloud.


At ACS we take pride in the personal touch.


We approach each business engagement as a partnership, taking time to understand your people, services and goals. This relationship enables us to work effectively together to make your business unstoppable.

We are constantly updating our IT knowledge and coffee-making skills to ensure we keep at least one step ahead of the ever-developing market.

Meet Our Team

Chris Shatford


Chris has a heartfelt passion for customer service, dedicating himself to developing excellent client relationships and maintaining a fantastic working environment for the team.

He is a great motivator, ensuring a high standard of customer service is upheld, and has a natural ability to translate the techs’ geek-speak into plain English for the less technical.

With such happy clients and staff, ACS’ success is a testament to Chris’ leadership.


Chris Shatford,

Managing Director

Chris Shatford,

Managing Director

Alex Green

As a 90s kid, Alex has had access to computers from a very early age sparking a curiosity and passion for all things digital.

After graduating high school at 15, Alex got a job looking after the internal IT systems at the local newspaper.

Within five years Alex became ACS’ lead technical resource, responsible for designing, building and maintaining our Datacentre operations.

His frequent outbursts on the whiteboard end up expanding our technical capabilities and supporting our constantly evolving infrastructure improvements.

As a stakeholder in the company, Alex’s inability to ‘switch off’ and constant drive to leave ‘status quo’ behind has allowed us to deliver cutting edge solutions to meet our clients’ ever changing needs, and provide 24/7 support.

Alex Green,

Solutions Manager

cloud solutions cloud solutions cloud solutions cloud solutions cloud solutions cloud solutions cloud solutions cloud slutions 

Greg Fourie

Our repatriated South African, Greg is an absolute delight to work with.

He started his career in SA working as an IT Engineer in both in-house and external resource for over 20 years.

Greg brought his family with him and has celebrated purchasing his first NZ home.

Greg is a favourite of many clients thanks in part to his calm approach and quick wit.

His skills have developed rapidly over the years to make him one of the leading project managers on the team.

Greg Fourie,

Systems Engineer


An accomplished accounts administrator in her own right, Wendy joined ACS in 2011 looking for a challenge.

She certainly got that and more, trying to manage accounts while engineers and sales people ran amok.

Her ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’ approach has helped our business to grow without the fears of cash flow and resource shortages that cripple many small businesses.

Wendy quickly worked out that her preferred office was her home, rather than in an office with loud and smelly boys.

We do miss her, but we can use profanity without risk of offence now.

Wendy Graham,
Accounts Manager

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