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Cloud Solutions

Cloud? What Cloud?

Almost everyone has heard of ‘Cloud Computing’ these days. But what does the term really mean? and how might it apply to you?

To be honest, you likely already have cloud services and might have had them for years. If your email is on a server outside your building (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Xtra, etc) – these servers are somewhere on the internet and are, therefore ‘cloud-based’. So the concept is not new!

What is relatively new is the vast array of applications and services that CAN be Cloud-based. Your accounting software, phones, and nearly everything else on your desk can be hosted elsewhere and managed by our team considering we are a cloud service provider.

Let’s take your accounting software as an example. It might currently sit on your office computer or a server, and let’s assume it has been there for a number of years.

So What Does This Mean?

If you have had issues with it crashing or running slowly, or it keeps getting further out of date, you may be looking at a large quote for an upgraded computer or server.

If your accounting software is hosted in ACS’ Cloud environment, we will ensure it is always fast and reliable, and work directly with the software vendor to ensure it is performing well and kept up to date.

 Another example that can make a big difference is our Hosted Exchange service. Exchange can be a 'beast' to effectively manage, and the storage growth is often astonishing.

We have migrated numerous Exchange servers to our cloud and our customers have never looked back.

Essentially, ACS can migrate any application you run locally to our secure and robust multi-platform cloud.

cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud

Why Would You Want This?

  1. Reliability

  2. Cost

  3. Scalable performance

  4. Secure access from anywhere

  5. Constant upgrades

  6. Disaster recovery/business continuity

How Can ACS Deliver?

ACS is a cloud service provider. We have a well-curated array of servers and networking equipment in purpose-built data centres in the North and South Islands. Once we have worked with you to determine your IT needs, we will dedicate a private ‘bubble’ of computing power, specifically designed for your business.


This environment can scale on the fly, depending on any fluctuation in staff numbers, business expansions, or new key applications.

Why ACS and not the other guys out there?

It starts with our people.


We’re a close-knit team and see our roles as much more than just jobs.


We support each other as much as we support our clients, collaborating on issues and ideas every day. We care deeply about our clients and make group visits to the Court Theatre, the Canterbury basketball games, and occasionally a game of 10-pin bowling or two.


We’ve also kitted out our office with a pinball machine and table tennis, which keeps our physical health somewhere in line with our mental health.

Next is our infrastructure. With over a decade of development, our data centre operations still maintain an up-time unrivaled by the ‘big players’. We also own, control and maintain 100% of our infrastructure, monitored 24/7 by our team of experts.

With ACS’ dedicated people, robust local infrastructure, and proven mettle as a cloud service provider, we are always available directly on the phone or via email without complicated call centres or an impersonal online ticketing system.

We are always here and ready for you whenever you need us.

ACS provides a wide range of professional services to support and improve business IT systems.

These include but are not restricted to:

  • Cloud Services

  • Managed Windows Servers

  • Email / Spam Management

  • Network Security

  • Database and Application Hosting

  • Distributed Cloud Backup Services

  • Office Automation

  • Data Management / Backup & Recovery

  • Service Level Agreements

  • Hardware / Software

  • Ad-Hoc Technical Support

  • IT Business Planning

  • Internet and Voice Services

  • IT Asset tracking and Management

  • Active System Monitoring

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