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Ad Blocking for Business

"The latest and most innovative ad blocker to date is a product recently developed by ACS. Vouching to flip traditional ad blockers on their head."

Adblocking has become an essential tool for the modern-day device user. With the majority of people working in a digital environment, being properly protected is at the forefront of businesses minds when it comes to securing crucial business data and futureproofing.  An adblocker is a tool that provides businesses with protection and security especially when a large number of workers prefer the BYOD workplace.

The reason for this is because advertisements on the browser can be extremely disruptive to the user experience but also be a guise for hackers using adware in an attempt to gain access to user data.

The difficulty with most ad blockers is that even though they block third party ads, businesses have to ensure that every employee device has the right tools equipped to prevent harmful or resource-consuming data from getting through and potentially affecting their business.


Managing this for each user, device, and browser is an endless task and usually gets put in the 'too hard' basket.

Through research and a lot of experimentation, ACS has found a way to not only optimise a user's experience online but even safeguard certain sites from gaining access by installing a network-wide solution.

Introducing AdJudicator

How It Works

As a no-stress managed service, any changes/updates/tweaks are quickly implemented in the background by our team at no extra cost thanks to our seamless cloud management systems.

With a user-friendly interface you will be able to have complete say over which sites, content and information get blocked and entirely denied access. This can include adult sites, social media and other inappropriate websites unfit for the workplace.



All DNS queries are encrypted therefore any third-party observers cannot see any data that would stand out. This renders Man-in-the-middle attacks (a common cybersecurity concern) more or less useless. 

The Perks

yellowblue wifi symbol containing a description of improve nerwork wide protection
yellow bar graph containing a description of improve nerwork performance
purple pie chart describing Monitor statistics
green mobile phone symbol containing a description of block in app advertisements


stats detailing that over 50 thousand ads have been blocked

This data provides insight into just how effective the AdJudicator is at blocking adverts, and this is only showing the data for two clients.


ACS has developed a programme that has proven to be extremely fundamental in cutting the head off at the source. Servicing countless homes, businesses and schools around the country and otherwise.

With over 80 thousand domains and over 50 thousand search queries on the block list, AdJudicator has been able to help protect businesses from other sites and advertisers accessing precious personal and professional data by simply disallowing them access within a couple of clicks.


This shows a clear advantage of the wide net AdJudicator provides, and this number will only continue to grow as the application continues to develop.

The Results

With AdJudcator installed not only will you have a cleaner, clearer interface and a better user experience, you will also have a minimised risk of harmful malware infecting you and your business, especially when staff are using their own devices including cellphones, tablets and laptops without having to install the AdJudicator multiple times.

One installation. Countless blocked websites network-wide.

browser experience before adjudicator
browser experience before adjudicator
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