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Disaster Recovery &

Business Continuity

Client information, server processes and operating systems help keep your business running, but a disruptive event compromises the entity of your business data.

These can be anything that puts an organisation's operations at risk, from a cyberattack to power outages and equipment failures to natural disasters.

The most significant widespread examples of this are the Christchurch Earthquakes of 2010/2011 and the Global COVID-19 pandemic.

The Christchurch earthquakes impacted many businesses in Christchurch, particularly those operating within the CBD.

Offices were deemed unsafe and many businesses did not have access to offsite backups. To help our clients, ACS secured special authority to access buildings and retrieve equipment for those in need.


We were able to restore the old servers to virtual servers in our cloud and provide secure remote access to our clients, some within hours of securing their hardware.

The events of COVID-19 forced many businesses to readjust to new way of working.  The team at ACS ensured we were ahead of the curve by preparing our clients for remote working.

Providing secure remote access to servers with support for collaborative applications such as Zoom and Teams allowed our team to keep busy pre-lockdown and continued support post-lockdown ensured the systems remained robust and functional.

The goal of DR is for a business to continue operating as close to normal as possible. The disaster recovery process includes planning and testing and might involve a separate physical backup site for restoring operations.

​​ACS offer a range of solutions to ensure your business can operate at 100% whatever the circumstances.

​Modern disaster recovery has numerous options, including more budget-friendly routes for smaller organizations that are wary of investing funds into planning for a theoretical disaster.

Although disaster recovery planning is centered around a disruptive event that hasn't yet occurred, it's often better to be safe than sorry and have a strategy in place.


Otherwise, your business risks being caught without a plan at a critical moment.

Disaster Recovery is a ‘catch-all’ term for a group of task specific solutions that ensure you can continue to do business, regardless of external or internal failures.


The cornerstone of any DR solution is data backup.

Situations from accidental deletion of files and folders to a complete system meltdown are more common than you may think.

ACS provides a fully-managed backup solution, delivering a completely transparent and worry-free solution for your entire system.


This service is an ACS cloud product that has no setup costs; just a monthly fee for the service and required storage.


Our team runs test restorations on a quarterly schedule to ensure your backups are valid.

Server Replication

Server replication is an ACS cloud service that copies your data to an exact replica of your server or servers, to our cloud.


These servers replicate in real time, meaning that if you had a local fault rendering your server unavailable, ACS could ‘liven up’ the replica so it takes over the role of your primary server and users can continue to operate.

Remote Working

This has been a very hot topic of late with the COVID-19 pandemic.


All of our clients, however, were able to shift from office to home without any loss of time and resources.

There are a number of ways to achieve this, from a simple VPN setup to highly secure hardware solutions incorporated with 2-factor authentication.

How was your transition and can we help you improve the process?

Get peace of mind with ACS, knowing that your business’ data is secure, available, maintained and monitored.

Network Redundancy

Someone chops a cable by accident and your internet connection and phones are no longer working.

When will this be resolved, who do you talk to, what are your options?


ACS is an ISP and as such we can provide multiple levels of backup network services to keep your business online, regardless of the platform failure.


Multiple fibre, redundant routers and firewalls, backup DSL and 4G connections all provide your business with a connection to the world when things break.

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