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Meet the company providing kiwis with a free global qualification in ICT

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Even months after the initial lockdown, we are all feeling the after effects of a staggering economy.

The lockdown brought with it a wave of career changes, displaced workers and students trying to adjust to the new normal that we have all been forced to face.

It is now more crucial than ever to maintain connectivity to the internet. Whether it is through communication on teams, work meetings over zoom, or simply working from home, the internet has been mission-critical to our ways in which we work or socialise.

Global connectivity

However, one organisation aims to help guide everyone through this confusing time with a range of Information Communication Technology (ICT) training without having to worry about the cost.

CompTIA is offering both Australian and New Zealand citizens the opportunity to learn more about the fundamentals of ICT, inviting them to take advantage of this free online training and even acquire a voucher to sit the CompTIA IT fundamentals (IFT+) exam to earn the IFT+ credential. This is the only pre-career certification that helps people gauge their interest and see if a career in technology is right for them, for no expense other than the time committed to study.

Furthermore, CompTIA Authorized Partners DDLS and Cyber Train have joined in the effort to educate displaced workers, career prospectors and students alike in what is quickly becoming an essential skill set in our widely connected world. They will be offering free virtual workshops throughout November and December for those who participated and additional experiences for those who completed their CompTIA ITF+ certification.

The desire for digital skills in the modern workplace is widely known and expressed, and has been for many years. However, Adnan Syed, a principal consultant and senior technical trainer at Cyber Train, expressed in an interview that we need to make sure that this digital gap between cyber professionals and individuals who are looking at a career in IT does not develop into a skills crisis later down the track.

New Zealand is also no stranger to the demand for digital skills sets in the modern workplace. Our tech sector has seen a 12% hike in annual growth with our technology exports reaching an estimated $950 million and has some 750,000 people currently employed in ICT-related roles.

Therefore, this programme is a great incentive to bolster that CV and test the waters of a career in ICT. This industry sector plays a crucial role in the modern workplace, especially as the industry and demand for digital skill sets continue to grow.

CompTIA ITF+ allows people to delve into the foundations of technology, helping them to expand their base knowledge of digital skills. For some, ITF+ can be the stepping off point towards a career in technology; for others, understanding the fundamentals of technology will serve them well in any career they choose.

Furthermore, this programme is completely free and provides you with all the resources to expand your knowledge and acquire the certification with enough dedication and interest. Even if you have no interest in the exam, the resources will help you become more adaptive in an ever-changing workplace.

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damon baker
damon baker
Apr 30, 2021

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