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Being proactive about IT

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

The world of business is faster paced, unexpected and constantly shifting, and at the core, is IT.

With the constant pace and change present in the world of IT, it seems impossible to stay on top of the technical side of things, especially as a business. Being proactive in your business IT is crucial and can help you adapt to the changing world of business, as well as support your staff, services and clients.

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The lifeblood of a business is its clients. Therefore, as a business, it is your priority to maintain and support that client base. This, however, means that more often than not IT isn’t a priority.

However, if you are not proactive in your business's IT, it could affect valuable assets.

No other asset is as valuable to your business as your clients. Their satisfaction is a priority and they need to know they can count on your support, as it plants the seed for long-standing relationships. However, if your business is facing taxing IT issues, clients may not get through to you or they might get stuck in queues because only certain services are available. If their needs are not met, they will leave. Clients need to feel confident and secure in their dealings with your business, and there is no better peace of mind than them knowing their data and information is safe.

Good, IT helps support a business to run effectively and efficiently.

Neglecting the technical side can be hindering to general business productivity, and may even lead to falling behind the competition.

Another big risk of not being proactive is that it can take up a lot of time for a business to bounce back.

When Benjamin Franklin famously quoted “Time is Money” he wasn’t saying it to be witty, time lost is clearly money spent, and a single IT disaster takes up a lot of time, potentially setting a company back months.

If the IT is slow, then so is the flow. Implementing a solid IT strategy to support not only your clients, but also your employees and services, can save your business precious time.

The final thing to consider is that of your finances. Repairing issues that may have been present for a while are extremely costly in the later stages. Because of the digital era, a lot of business can be done online, but only if the IT side of things is up for it. Updating things immediately when available helps reduce potential issues and grants extra security to a business.

Need some advice on how you can be proactive in your IT? contact ACS and speak to our techperts to see how we can support you and your business when it comes to IT.

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