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Prosthesis Neatness

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Many 80’s pop-culture sci-fi classics had a scope of how our future would look. There would be many flying cars circulating the air space, stylish hoverboards that provide our double-denim-toting selves with a convenient style of travel, giant robots battling it out, and us stepping foot on Mars.

Technology has always been a good test of our imagination and it's normal to predict what our future might look like. While there are still no flying cars (probably for the best) or stylish and convenient hoverboards (which is a bit more disheartening), we have made strides in the world of technology that has made our day-to-day lives easier. Things such as computer chips, electronic vehicles, and AI have changed how we work and live but what about the robots? We aren’t talking about your Roomba or your Alexa, we are talking about the giant human-operated monsters of metal that we all marveled at. Well, how does a 9-tonne robot mech that stands 15 feet tall sound? Not a bad start right?

What used to be the work of pure fiction has now become a reality due to US tech giants Furrion Exo-Biotics and their human-operated mech Prosthesis. This mammoth of machinery has been in production for over 10 years and finally made its public debut. While exo-suits have been globally developed previously to help augment human strength and regain peoples mobility, Prosthesis is truly the first of it's kind. It has the ability to lift a car, traverse difficult terrain and climb over a range of obstacles, and at an impressive speed. However, this mech suit has been developed for a far more innocent purpose than what it's size and appearance suggests. It is the first step in the ultimate goal of pioneering an entirely new sport of mech racing.

Picture this mech and others of its kind competing in a rigorous event that combines strength and agility, a mecha Ninja Warriors if you would like, and you have a decent idea of what this goal will look like once it's achieved. Much like learning to drive a car, there is a steep learning curve but in many ways, it's extremely pausable and could open up a whole new avenue of sports entertainment.

Sound like something you could be keen on? Well, there is even an opportunity to sign up to be a mech pilot yourself. Furrion Exo-Bionics will be offering anyone the chance to be an alpha pilot through their crowdfunding campaign.

Check out the video below to see Prosthesis in action.

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